Who we are

We are an organisation that cares about people and their mental and physical well-being. 

We are passionate about making the world a better place and supporting others on their journey to reach their full potential.  

Our services are led by Jaco van der Bijl who has practiced Clinical Psychology for 20 years in a variety of contexts in South Africa, England and New Zealand including local mental health services, government organisations, private practice, the military and secure forensic services.   

Jaco has worked with individuals, groups and organisations. He has supervised other psychologists and trained intern psychologists.  He has managed teams and consulted at a senior level in large organisations. 

Jaco van der Bijl

Clinical Psychologist

With most things in life, one size does not fit all and this is true for individuals seeking help for their mental well-being.  Everyone is unique in the challenges they face or goals they want to achieve. 

Together we will find some answers to help you on your journey. We will explore a variety of tried and tested techniques including client centred, cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic theory to find the right fit for you.  

Most importantly, you will be provided with a safe and secure environment to express yourself and your needs and you will have someone to help and support you in whatever challenges you face or goals you strive to achieve.

jaco van der bijl

I believe strongly that people, through language and reflection, can step outside themselves and change their worlds.   As a Clinical Psychologist   I can help you discover and use your strengths to learn new ways of being in the world that will improve your life. 
Jaco van der Bijl, Clinical Psyschologist

Committed to making the world a better place

I believe in people and in community. I believe that our struggles and our aspirations can best be understood in relationship to others. I believe that your mental health and mine, have to do with each other. Whilst recognising the importance of looking after myself, I believe that in the world today, we need to think more about all of us. 

That’s why I believe that the best places for us to learn and to keep moving (stay active) psychologically, are in groups. In groups we can think and feel together. In groups we emphasise that we are parts of systems where who I am and who you are have an impact on how things work out for everyone.


Active Consult offers a range of well-being consulting services to serve a variety of clients and businesses. Whether you’re an individual or a company, we can help you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.

Active Individual Wellbeing

Achieve your goals and realise your full potential

How I can help…..

For you, life has become a challenge and you need help to move forward or become ‘unstuck’? 

  • You need help to realise your true potential?

  • You are on a journey of personal growth and need help to reach your next level?

  • You may have faced adversity or been involved in an event that has had a significant impact on your life and that is holding you back?

  • You may be finding that life is just too hard and need help to navigate your way through life’s challenges?



The magic of doing work in groups

How I can help…..

In groups, we emphasise that we are a part of a system or systems, where who I am and who you are have an impact on how things work out for everyone.

I believe that a great place for us to learn and to keep moving (stay active) psychologically, are in groups.

Each group is picked to ensure:

  • The environment is safe and supportive
  • The group dynamics provide the best opportunity for individuals to learn and grow

Active Corporate Wellbeing

Growing and improving your biggest asset - your people

How I can help….

People are arguably the single most important factor in the success of any business.  From my experience in working in large corporate environments is that teams that thrive and produce the best outcomes have happy, positive people who work together to achieve a common goal.

What we offer:

  • We can provide an initial assessment of team dynamics and recommendations on how to get the best from your team 
  • We can provide wellbeing development or individuals, either through individual coaching or group coaching
  • we can help to develop your leaders, to ensure they get the best out of their teams
  • We provide EAP services to support companies to support their employees.